Nefertiti Spa is like no other

“Not only are we bringing together the art, magic and beauty of the ancient queen and her ancient rituals or bringing to you the state of the art, Gold standard in modern aesthetics…
It is our purpose and passion to inspire you to honour the feminine energy, the true Goddess within and help you claim your power, your beauty, your true essence.
The World needs all Women to unite in pure unconditional love; to heal, inspire and protect. We are the nurturers of the universe who have been in battle with ourselves and society to claim our Universal right.Through LOVE lets unite.

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109/545 Pacific Hwy,
St Leonards, NSW 2065

PHONE 1300 997 888


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All our Furnishing are especially hand crafted and designed for elegance and beauty. Each piece is hand crafted with 24K gold leaf. 

Lounge in our plush pearl velvet sofa while we serve you a traditional Egyptian Hibiscus tea and dates, a traditional welcome in Egypt.

Claim your status as the Ultimate Queen of your life and sit on our Goddess throne, a symbol of Royalty. The High back offers protection from the enemies who wish to harm you from the back.

We have taken every care so that you wait in styke and feel like you have stepped into a royal palace that honours you, OUR QUEEN.

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