Eye of Horus iconic makeup with Ancient Egyptian formulas


Eye of Horus is an Australian, Byron Bay brand of colour cosmetics. The range was designed to Awaken The Goddess Within ® every woman by enhancing her natural beauty making her feel like a true Goddess. The Goddess has been around for as long as we know of and has a strong presence in ancient civilisations. We have become accustomed … Read More

Who was Queen Nefertiti | Who’s very name means perfect one


Legend said Queen Nefertiti was the most beautiful woman in Egypt. Who’s very name means – perfect one. Nefertiti was Egypt’s most influential, and  the most beautiful queen. She ruled at the height of the country’s power and Wealthiest era. She was the only Pharaoh who was equal in power with her husband and fought battles with him. Known for a religious revolution, … Read More