Enjoy our beauty treatments.

Our Beauty Treatments



– Tightening lax skin
– Diminishing visible pores
– Evening out skin tone & texture
– Control of pigmentation lesions
– Diminish appearance of rosacea
– Reducing fines lines & deep wrinkles
– Decreasing visible signs of acne scaring
– Correction of neck lines for younger looking skin
– Elevating & resurfacing the delicate skin around the eyes
– Long-term collagen stimulation & regeneration for lasting results with minimal maintenance



Our team of experts are bringing you the ultimate package of non surgical body sculpting.

 Our lunch time treatments will ensure you get the sculpted body you desire with no downtime or surgery and fast result. 

We are tailoring targeted treatments specifically designed for your individual needs. From weight loss through fat cell destruction, to skin tightening.  Innovative reduction for cellulite and stretch marks, and so much more… Delivering superior results with pain free treatments. 

Our  unique blend of  luxurious treatments using the latest revolutionary Gold Standard cosmetic technologies ensures Aesthetic Excellence. 




Cosmetic Tattoo enhances the shape, colour, and fullness of your features to ensure you look your most beautiful and captivating at any time of the day.

Stones, minerals and rocks including malachite, red ochre, kohl was used around the eyes, lips and cheeks. The practice was employed in a ritual fashion for protection, fertility, and status. Often it was simply makeup, where adorning ones face with pigments as the essence of beautification. A sign of basking in the essence of Hathor, the goddess of beauty and the cosmetic arts. Egyptians also used tattoos in geometric designs as a beauty practice, and they even tattooed their eyes and other body parts. Wake up with make up and always look body beautiful.




Each woman has had a unique life journey. Your individual style is a refelection of how you see yourself.

Don’t sell yourself short. Our styling consults are designed to understand your true essence and help Brand you to the world in the best light  and within your budget.